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Tranzip FAQs

Ship Packages, The Social Way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my personal data stored & used?

All your personal information is stored securely on industry standard 128-bit encryption. We do not sell your information to 3rd parties.

Is Tranzip available for international deliveries?

Not yet. But it is in our product pipeline. We will notify you through our app when this awesome feature is live.

Is it safe to use Tranzip ?

All packages are insured up to $500. Also all our zippers have gone through extensive background checks before becoming a zipper and have a rating system to give you complete peace of mind. Our goal is to get your package delivered, on time while bringing you a pleasant experience.

How can I sign up as a sender?

Download our smartphone app for your smartphone and use our seamless one time registration process. Once registered, use our elegant looking app to send your package to your loved ones.

How do I track the real time status of my package?

After the package has been picked up, you can easily track the location of the package using our smartphone app. Once the package is delivered, a push notification is sent to your phone confirming delivery.

Is there any size limit to what I can send using this awesome service?

There are no size limitations as long the Zipper agrees to carry it. The sizes can vary from a shoebox to a couch. Just snap a picture of the box while creating the shipment, and the Zipper can accept the shipment if it fits inside his car/trunk.

How do I sign up as a “Zipper”?

You can sign up using any of your social media account (facebook, Twitter or G+) or an email address along with a valid driver's license and proof of insurance on the vehicle. You will also require your bank account details (Routing & Account numbers) for getting paid (Who doesn’t like that) ?

How do I get paid once I make a successful delivery?

Once the delivery is made, you will get paid via direct deposit within 3-5 business days depending on your financial bank. You will be asked to provide you bank information while registration.

How much money can I make when I make a delivery?

The total income would depend on size of the package, weight and total miles traveled to make the delivery. The exact amount would be shown within the app in each of the available gigs.


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