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Ship Packages, The Social Way!


Post Your Gig Online

Prepare your package, snap a picture and set your own price.

Zipper Picks Up

People traveling to your package destination aka "Zippers", view & pick up your gig as per your schedule.

Zipper Delivers

Zipper delivers your package during his already scheduled road trip.

Save Time & Money, Safely!

Packages are insured. Zippers are background verified. To give you peace of mind.

Ship Anything, Anywhere!*

Send anything, from an evelope to shoe box to love seats across country, the Tranzip way!

Faster & Cheaper

Zippers carry your package during their daily conveyances saving you money.

Real Time Tracking

Track your packages in real time to eliminate missed delivery attempts.

Scheduling Flexibility

Select speed of delivery, convenient pickup & delivery times.

   Simple & Intuitive App Design

Become A Zipper

Earn cash during your daily conveyance, vacation or business trips. Save even more by writing these miles off your taxes. Spend this money the way you want, or on your next road trip to make more deliveries.

Earn While Traveling

You can earn real cash during your next road trip.

Smart Notifications

Get updates when a sender near you posts package send request.

Live Chat

Communicate with receiver & sender just in case of unforseen events.

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